Monthly Archives: December 2009

let me justify the title of this blog…

to make some sense to justify blog’s name, let me start with myself… my parents have named me Sashank. i don’t know why… actually, neither do they.  But, I had to be named something – otherwise, how will you call me.? They may have just liked the name, i guess….

A name can never be justified.  Although, after giving a name we can make reasons around it. For example:

Sasha = moon and anka = lap in some language. Hence, sashank = ‘on the moons lap’.Sounds great! Frankly, I am not at all like a moon or its lap. But of course, since, i am loosing lot of hairs – in the near future my head might live up to the name..  🙂

In India, almost all major cities have at least one road named – ‘Mahatma Gandhi road’. He may not have walked on any of these roads as most of these roads did not exist during his lifetime. Gandhiji – throughout his lifetime has glorified poverty. But, if you take a ride through these roads they are the richest and the most lively places in the city – a complete contrast to his ideas.

On venturing into naming ceremonies  of airports-  we find:

  • Hyderabad Airport named as   –> ‘Rajiv Gandhi’
  • Mumbai Airport named  christened –> ‘Shivaji’
  • Delhi Airport named after –> Indira Gandhi’

Do you think it is correct to name public places after ‘human beings’? See, If  a place (M.G / R.G / I.G / Shivaji) is dirty or below standard, the impression of  these personalities will fall in our mind. Shouldn’t we leave these personalities in peace, atleast after their death…

Agreed,  i am finding excuses in other misappropriate names – i really dont have any reasons. But,  will try to post entries that is readable enough. 🙂

The title could have been anything else. Let us leave the reasons for good… After all, what is in a name – that which we call a rose… By any other name, would still smell sweet.