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Sita’s day out..

The girl placed the documents at the driving examiner’s desk. Checking the documents – “OK Sita, go straight – take a U-Turn and return back”. She started her scooty and twisted the accelarator, just when the officer commanded again – “Wait… where is the L-sign? If you want the licence, stick the L – sign on your scooty and return back quickly”. The panicked girl steered her scooty a few meters just when her face became visible to this guy.

He recognised her. She was the same girl who had emptied her water bottle on him in anger while at college. Somehow, he felt the score was not yet levelled. But, now they both are working and have come to obtain licence at the same RTO.

In half an hour, the scooty returned again with a L-sign on it. But, the police officer had gone out for lunch and will be back in another two hours. Sita parked her scooty and sat on the compound wall surrounding a park. She had taken a early lunch today, so that she does not feel drowsy at the DL test. But now she had to wait for 2 hours and cannot skip the DL test as she has already paid her fees. Moreover, she had taken a leave at office today.

The guy was still waiting over there. He too did not take the driving test as he did not own a motorbike of his own. Hence, he had been requesting everyone to lend him their bike from the time he arrived to take the test. People agreed initially, but became reluctant and shooed him off when he confessed that he never rode a bike in his life!

“I can ride a cycle. If you can teach me for 10 minutes. I am confident that – i will be able to ride a motorcycle smoothly.”,he implored to his co-testers.

But, not one person had the same confidence in him. The testing officer adviced – “I will return from lunch in another 2 hours to test for car licence, by then – if you can arrange a bike, we can proceed with the test. Otherwise, i will have to cancel your application.”. Dejectedly, he went for a stroll in the park.

Sita was trying to rehearse the hand signals when she saw him coming out of the park.
“Hi Rahim – How come you are here?”
“For driving test, Sita. How are you?”
“Doing good. Nice to see you after a long time. What are you doing nowadays?”

“I will give you the details later. Presently, i am searching for a bike to perform a motorbike test. Since, all bike testers have left – can i use your scooty?”
“Okay. Here are the keys”
“Please show me how to start it”
“You don’t even know how to start. Will you be able to ride it? I am afraid, you might damage my scooty”
“Relax Sita. I am confident to ride any gearless vehicle – although, I wanted licence of a geared vehicle. Anyhow something is better than nothing.”

Sita shows him all the controls and asks him to demonstrate while she is sitting on the backseat. Rahim goes straight takes a left turn and keeps driving till they reach Rasaganga Restaurant. She feels confident now.

“Lets have something. I am feeling exhausted”
“I have already taken Lunch Rahim”
“Let me atleast return my gratitude in some way. If you dont want anything, have Lassi”
They found a empty table and ordered two Lassi’s.
“If you don’t have a bike – why do you want a Licence?”
“I wanted a licence before I purchase a vehicle. Moreover, you see – I can use it as a address proof document.”, grinned Rahim.
“I see.. basically, you want a address proof. Not a Licence!”

The Lassi arrives. They take a sip of it. It had the perfect taste. What a refreshing Lassi! Rahim signal’s the waiter and the bill arrives.
Sita examines the bill as Rahim opens his wallet and places a hundred rupee note in the tray. The Waiter takes the bill and brings back the change.
“Here is my share of twenty ruppes.”
“It is not needed.”
Sita insists, “I pay mine.. you pay yours.. Okay”
“I am not paying for yours. Think of it as my petrol charges.”
“You don’t have to give anything for it.”
“Okay, then why don’t you pay for both of us?”, grinned Rahim again.

As they come out of the restaurant. “Enough of your driving. I wanna drive now”. Rahim hands down the keys. Sita starts the vehicle and drives straight.

takes a right turn and keeps driving when the park arrives. “You drive well Sita, you have passed in my records”, smiled Rahim. Sita giggles.

The driving instructor had returned and was conducting test for the car. “Wait here. let me test the car candidates. I will take a round and return back.”,instructed the officer.  Sita in meanwhile explained all the hand signals to be shown at the time of driving Rahim.

“While taking a right turn – stretch your right arm horizontally and rotate the palm in clockwise direction. For a left turn again stretch your right arm horizontally. But, this time you have to rotate the palm in anti-clockwise direction such that the sign is visible clearly to the driver in the vehicle behind”
“I will use my left Hand”
“You are not supposed to use your left hand. Right hand must be used to display all hand signals.”

“While slowing down, stretch the right hand horizontally and wave the palm in a up-down motion. And to stop, show the palm like a congress symbol while the right hand is streched  out and the forearm is raised”
“Done. Let me rehearse the sequence for sometime.”

The examiner arives. “Sita, drive your scooty in a circle”. Sita wears her helmet, starts the scooty, drives it in a circle and stops the vehicle and parks it on centre stand.
“Okay Rahim, have you made any arangements for the motorbike?”
“I haven’t sir. I will be riding Sita’s scooty.”
“In that case, you will receive licence for a ungeared vehicle”
“That is fine sir.”
“All right, go straight down the road, go around the park and return from right behind us.”
Rahim wore Sita’s helmet, starts the scooty,goes straight, signals right with his hand… takes a right and disappears.
“Was I okay?” asks Sita to the inspector.
“It was fine. But, you have not shown hand signals”
“What am i supposed to show in a circle?”

“While stoppping…”, saying this the officer and Sita turned behind as a loud horn is heared. Rahim shows the slowing down hand signal and stops the scooty. He then puts the center stand and parks the vehicle along the pavement.
“Well done guys. Collect your Driving Licence from the RTO 1 week from now. You can now disperse.”, announces the examiner.

“So, where do you stay Sita?”
“Domlur. And you Rahim?”

Sita wore her helmet, started her scooty. “Can i drop you till the bus stop?”
“That will be fine.”, he answered.

The scooty then left the park. One week later the same scooty entered RTO. This time Rahim was driving the scooty…

… and you know who was sitting behind him.  🙂