Monthly Archives: March 2010

Who Am I?

One night as i was dead tired from work,  i lay on the bed observing my breath go deeper and deeper… until my brain became tired of observing and transferred me into the world of  dreams. Here, I was a Eagle – gliding above the city of Bangalore at my leisure. Whenever  I felt tired, i would take rest. If i became hungry, i would search for food. At night, I needed sleep after the day’s hardwork and entered my nest.  I relaxed and slipped into a dream.  In this dream, I am a employee of Capgemini, looking for problems to solve. When I feel hungry – I go to cafeteria. On getting bored, I read wikipedia. At night, when I feel sleepy after the day’s hardwork, I lay on the bed observing my breath and I enter the world of dreams yet again to find myself hovering above Bangalore..
I am now confused…    am I the Eagle / the guy typing this blog entry?