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In search of real answers

I have heard of a story in a far off land, a shepherd was on his way back home. He keeps making some kind of noise to make his presence felt. “Hurrrrr… hurrr….” On hearing his familiar voice the sheep would know their master was somewhere nearby.

A Blind man came with his stick from the opposite direction. The shepherd tried to clear some way for him, but the blind man somehow crashes into one sheep and tries to regain his balance again. The shepherd runs toward him…
“Ohh sir, hope you are not hurt”
“No my boy.. I’m fine. But, i wonder what was this animal that came in my way”
“It was a sheep Sir”
“A sheep! what is it?”
“You don’t know a sheep!?! It is white in colour.”
The blind man, picks up the sheep and feels it a little. “Ohh white! you mean soft…”
“No Sir, white is not soft.. It is white..”
The blind man runs his hand over the sheep. “Oh! Now i get it. White is smooth..”
“What nonsense! “, replies the shepherd. “White is not smooth… ”
The blind man, places his ear on the sheep’s chest. He hears.. dhak dhak.. the heartbeat of the sheep. “This time I have got it. White is this sound..”

Now, whatever explanations shepherd will provide is futile. Even if we make him byheart a sentence – “White is a colour , when there is no other colour”… he may pass an examination with this. But, it only increases more doubts as a new term has been introduced – colour. It needs explanation again. These bookish answers don’t satisfy a student who is in a genuine search…

What  will be a real answer? Many times, a real answer is situational. It may not answer a question directly in words because, words are basically useless when they don’t connect with you.

A real answer… you will never forget.  Consider, in an examination you are asked a question – what is walking? Would you rather walk and show – ‘this is walking’. Or, would prefer to write a passage on it?!?

Repair the eyes of the blind man, then we can show him. This is white… Now, all doubts in that range will  automatically be cleared.

All other answers take you in loop – from one term to another and bring you back. They simply go on confusing and damaging the brain..There are some answers that can be told, some that need explanation, many have to be simply shown.

Of course, some answers can never be provided. See, if there is no facility of a eye doctor to repair the eyes,   is it not better for the shepherd to simply run away from unanswerable questions posed by blind man.

So… from this, i can conclude with some real answer for the question – why my teacher ran away from me!!?!!

🙂 😉 🙂