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Butterfruits / Avocado spotted in Chikamagalur

just as the body seeks food to survive,

the heart seeks love,

the mind seeks knowledge,

and the soul is seeking happiness in day to day activities.



keeping the mind at peace – continued

In the previous post, I had written about how i agree with Patanjali and his prescription. But, i find that these tips make a person very artificial, if not understood correctly.  This is because, the mind will always try the easier path. Instead of changing our attitude – it would rather acting in a particular manner by suppressing the base nature.  Attitude change is really a long process of continuous effort.  The way I am reacting to a situation, is it so easy to change?

Also, I find that a wicked person is not always wicked. Also, there is a reason why a person behaves in a certain manner. Time and circumstances have a influence on a person’s life.

It is very important to forgive. Afterall, I have also been forgiven so many times. But, the problem is, i don’t remember this tip, when I need it the most.

I am reminded of Kabir’s saying:

Kabir ka doha

Kabir's doha - a couplet

“I went out in search of the most wicked person – couldn’t find anyone at all …

On searching within my own mind – I admit, there is no one more wicked than me. “