thoughts have weight too

Sometimes we read and hear a lot of words but, it doesn’t become our realization. Yesterday, while chanting hare krishna, I came upon a realization on the effect of sublime thoughts on our being. I want to categorize thoughts of 3 types:

  1. Heavy thoughts: (Negative Thoughts) :
    • Examples: thoughts of Anger, Jealousy, Hatred, Guilt, Shame . Of course, we can call them feelings. But the root is the thought, I imagery which we have in our mind. To illustrate the point lets go through two examples:
    • Consider, somebody abused you – then that event is the root imagery. This imagery will be played in the mind like a video tape. Our body then creates a response to it by sending out signals of hatred. This is a very heavy thought, as it saps our energy. If you are at work, you don’t feel like working. The feeling of tiredness will persist in you.
    • Now, consider a opposite thought where, you have insulted somebody in the past. Now, the event is the root thought. When this imagery is getting played, the body creates a response to it by sending out signals ( hormones ) of guilt. This is again a very heavy thought.
    • These kind of thoughts drain out the battery of the body and mind. That’s when we say, “the person lacks spirit”. This is because the poor guy is possessed of negative thoughts and he actually needs external help to resolve these inner disputes.
  2. Medium Weight thoughts (Positive Thoughts):
    • These are thoughts like love for a person, inspiration on seeing people accomplishing impossible feats, hearing wonderful music etc.
    • These are sort of medium weight thoughts as the battery of our body is not drained as fast as negative thoughts but nevertheless it is drained. Because, on the imagery of these kind of thoughts, our body releases pleasant sensations.
  3. Light Weight ( Sublime Thoughts / No Thought ):
    • These are sort of no-thought. When your mind does not produce an imagery in the present moment. The body has not reacted to it by producing any hormones. On seeing the photo of saintly people your body feels calm and relaxed. This is because no thought is produces. It gives a real lightness of being to you. I am feeling it as difficult to describe this state. Bliss.


Gautam Siddhartha – the Buddha – has rightly said:

What we think, we become - Buddha


Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

This is a interesting class I have found on coursera on learning to learn:

I would like to understand the lessons and present my understanding and what I have learnt on this post. The notes gathered can be of good value for future reference. Since, I am not good at remembering facts fast. I am hoping to get hold of some techniques which will help me becoming better at this.

The professors are – Barbara Oakley and Terrence Senjowski: University of California, San Diego.

Speed in Music

The term used for referring to speed in music is called Tempo. How can one identify whether a tempo is fast or slow? This is a individual preference. For a individual, if the music beats is faster than the heart rate of the listener – then the listener will find the music is fast paced.

Similarly, for a slow paced music, the beats occur slower compared to the listener’s heart rate.

old habits die hard


A few days back, i changed my computer’s password. Even now, many times i keep typing the old password to login, until i realize that i need to recollect the new password.

Really, old habits die hard…!

Rockstar 2011 film

   I don’t care what others think about this film, I have liked Rockstar film very much. Ranbir is definitely a star to watch out for. He is wonderful actor and is getting good films. The story maybe flawed, but, every story is different and this too is a possible journey of a person striving towards perfection.

The songs are wonderful with beautiful lyrics. “Phir se ud chala” wonderful. Rahman, Irshad Kamil duo is magical.

Jo bhi main kehna chaahon barbaad kare alfaaz mere…

merafunda and my restricted access

I realise, i should have named this website as: merafunda .. as i am the only guy expressing my opinion here.

As, login to is blocked at Tavant Technologies, hence, i had to open a new blog with free access:

Sashank express meaning: sashank expresses what he finds worth expressing… 🙂





Butterfruits / Avocado spotted in Chikamagalur

just as the body seeks food to survive,

the heart seeks love,

the mind seeks knowledge,

and the soul is seeking happiness in day to day activities.